06 oktober 2012

j o y

Autumn By Natali Design

...har så lyst til å ta nye høstbilder...
men her regner det nonstop, doble regnbuer og kattunger.
et lite dykk i arkivet falt på lille storesøster.

skulle egentlig hvile mens far og barn handlet
- men mye gøyere å scrappe!!

- kos deg i regnet - 
♥ Sønnøve

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Sønnøve,
    having a look on the clothes of your daughter and the colour of the leaves on the ground, I suppose that your Norwegian autumn is already much more advanced than ours here in Germany. Today we had again up to 20°C with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. But in the evening it started to rain and for tomorrow we expect just 15°C and a much more autumnal weather.
    A great and pleasant Sunday for you and your family,

    1. Hello :) Yes here it is fall and it has been raining for weeks. But just today, I'm at work, then it's sunshine and blue skies ... The picture you see was taken 4 years ago, but we have the same temperature now as then. Do you have any plans for the fall? Here is work and some scrapping then of course :)

      Have a lovely day :))
      Love Sønnøve