20 februar 2012

Ut å gå på langrenn

Fornøyde barn
og en stolt pappa & mamma

Av og til er livet berre lekkert!

Boy, Winter, Magic of winter By Natali Design
♥ Sønnøve

10 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful, enchanting style of picture editing, Meg!

    Regards from Germany, Uwe.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment! And thank you for stopping by :)
    Mvh Sønnøve

  3. Do you create & arrange the backgrounds and frames individually with Photoshop or do you use a different kind of software for your compositions?
    Or do do use self- or ready-made background templates?

    Thanks in advance for any advice from Norway to Germany... ;-)

  4. Hello
    I´m using Photoshop to create my pictures. They are made of different layers of ready made bakgrounds,elements and masks.
    Most of the kits are downloaded from http://www.scrapbookgraphics.com/
    and my favorite designer is Natali Design.

    The main picture is often edited in Lightroom, creating BW or other effects.

    The kit elements are often changed in size, opacity and other effects.

    Please ask if something is not clear.

    Love Sønnøve...

  5. Thanks a lot, Sønnøve (<-- that's your forename? Or is Meg your name???), for sharing your hidden secrets! ;-))
    I edit my photographs with PS Elements (5, 7, 8, 9, in the meanwhile version 10) and I'm always looking for opportunities to improve my skills.

    By the way: You are welcome to improve your submerged German skills again! Your comment on my blog I was able to understand, but in my tongue I would write it like this: "Schöne und eindrucksvolle Bilder, die du aufgenommen hast. Ich hatte Deutsch (als Fremdsprache) in der Schule, aber es ist zu lange her, dass ich es ohne den Google-Übersetzer schreiben könnte. Ich wünsche dir / ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Montag!"

    You see: you were nearly perfect... ;-)

    I never learned Norwegian, but I know it's not far away from Danish and Swedish language...

    hjertelig hilsen, Uwe.

    1. My first name is Sønnøve, Meg is Norwegian and means me.

      Using Google translate can make the strangest translations, but can be useful sometimes.

      love Sønnøve :)

    2. Communicating in English between us seems to be no problem at all. And from time to time I use the Google translater as well.
      But because of the English lady's forename Meg (like the actress Meg Ryan) I didn't came up with the idea to translate MEG into German... ;-)
      My favorite online dictionary is http://www.dict.cc/

      I'm one of the "active contributors" of this dictionary putting in pairs of translation regularly.

      Next to more than 875.000 pairs of translation between English and German there are 51 other language pairs integrated. Of course you'll find German - Norwegian and English - Norwegian as well. But there's still a lot to do until these language pairs will have the same amount of inputs like German - English.


      Have a great day, Uwe.

  6. hi there :)

    thanks a lot for stopping by my blog :)

    i took a quick look at your beautiful images and i'm really impressed! i'll surely come back :)

    have a nice day and greetings from austria

  7. Thank you for visiting! Thanks for the nice words :)
    Have a nice day!
    Love Sønnøve ...