22 mars 2012

Brownies muffins

En liten oppskrift på 
muffins som kidsa elsker
her i huset.

- fin fin torsdagskveld - 

Mask By Cathrines Design
First By Natali Design
♥ Sønnøve

8 kommentarer:

  1. awwww herlige Andrea med skikkelige yammi brownies nam-nam.

  2. Vel bekomme!

    Enjoy the weekend at your corner of planet Earth, Sønnøve!

    Do you alraedy have springtime temperatures at (southern) Norway or is it still winter in your habitat?

    We are looking forward to taking photos of the almond blossoms this weekend (hopefully)... ;-)

    Regards, Uwe.

    1. Thanks Uwe!
      It sprouts flowers and its green in the fields.
      In particular, I look forward to the magnolia tree ... Hope it will come with flowers this year!
      Otherwise, I sent you an email :)
      loves Sønnøve

  3. Svar
    1. Thank you very much!
      Loves Sønnøve

  4. Good mornng Sønnøve,

    if you are keen on some springtime impression (you seem to have still some snow in your region), I have posted some of my almond blossom impressions I took on Saturday at the "festival of the almond bloom".

    Have a great start into an inspiring week!